What a pain.

I don’t usually post on the weekends. It’s a boundary thing. It’s a give-the-people-a-break-from-Annie thing.

But I’m gonna today.

Because I think I need your prayers.

For some of you long-suffering bloggites, you may remember Fall 08 when THE CANKLE happened.

[And can I have a moment to rabbit trail here? As I found this post to link to it, I re-read some of the comments and realized that some of you have been putting up with my crazy for a long time. It kinda moved my heart. Thanks for still being here. I heart all of you readers out there. For realz.]

About a week before THE CANKLE happened, I wrote this post about how clumsy I had become as of late. Little did I know that I was about to fall off my porch and tear every ligament in my left ankle.

Which brings us to today. Or, actually, yesterday.

I was helping assemble a desk and dropped the drawer of the desk onto my right foot from approximately 3 feet up. Directly onto the top of my foot. [And I did not say one ungodly word, thank you very much.] Because I am a wimp, I complained about it all day Friday. But to be fair, it hurt a whole whole lot.

And today it is swollen and red with a bruise-ish outline. Not good.

DOUBLE not good since I’m supposed to workout EVERY DAY.

I’m gonna shoot you straight, bloggite. I’m not surprised. Because I know deep in my knower that this whole Get Fit Challenge thing is a big deal- for me personally and for those of you out there who need to watch this journey. I’m not ignorant of that fact. It’s not like I forget that people are watching. This isn’t a private Annie thing.

This is a God thing.

And so freak injuries, frustrations, lies running through my head like the Polar Express? They have a source. And according to John 10:10, that source is an enemy (Satan) who wants to steal, kill, and destroy.

I heard whispered encouragement to quit after my weigh-in. But I didn’t.

I heard whispered reminders that I’m too weak to do this. But I’m not.

I heard whispered threats that I’m going to fail in front of God and everybody. But I don’t think I will.

I heard whispered ideas that I should quit if it hurts, if I don’t see a change in the scale, if I don’t feel good. But I won’t quit.

So the fact that an injury was next in line? I. Still. Won’t. Quit.

And I’m telling you today because I need you to pray for me- for protection (physical, emotional, spiritual), endurance, wisdom, determination. All that jazz.

I’m not scared. But I am aware. And as this journey deepens and more people begin to understand the JOY of living your story in the light, the more I need to be covered.

So please pray.

But don’t worry. I’m not quitting. Cause I think the end of this story may be really really good. And I don’t want any of us to miss it.

[I’ll be meditating on Psalm 91, a family favorite, this weekend. I invite you to do the same.]

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