Cowgirls of Grace


I have so many reasons that I am beyond stoked about going to Dallas this weekend for Girls of Grace.

Here they are. In no particular order. Except the order in which these things are coming to my mind. So it is some particular order- I guess it is the order that my brain wants.

I’m over-explaining. Classic Annie.

Here’s the list.

1. Every weekend that we have a Girls of Grace event, I see Jesus change the hearts of young women and adult women. [That one really does deserve to be first. Random order begins with #2.]

2. After a great FREEZING weekend in Minnesota, I am looking forward to the short-sleevedness warmth of Dallas.

3. Being on the road with Girls of Grace is like traveling and goofing off with your favorite family members and then also getting to talk about Jesus.

4. For the first time eva, my sweet friend Jamie Grace will be on the GOG stage and I’m pretty sure Saturday will be full of us laughing and talking about boys and all other manner of backstage misbehavior.

5. Our worship leader Meredith Andrews just had a baby this winter and missed a few events, but she is BACK this weekend and I can’t wait to squeeze that baby. And worship. Duh.

6. We are busing to Dallas from Nashville. So yes, me and eleven of my friends will be stuck together for two 10-hour trips and that’s kinda my dream come true.

7. A handful of my sweet friends live in Dallas, so I get to see them too. Yay for business trips that include seeing your people!

8. The line-up for GOG Dallas? It’s insane. Maybe one of the best selection of artists and speakers that we have had.

9. Yes, I was just in Dallas for Blissdom. I couldn’t get enough. So I’m going back. In a bus. With my friends. Dreams coming true in 2013, people.


Any of my Texas friends wanna come? I’ve got a handful of tickets to giveaway, so all you have to do is leave a comment and let me know who you would bring and my dear intern will pick some winners until we run out of tickets! 

[Also- if you live closer to San Antonio, we’ll be there in a few weeks! So hold your horses and come see us May 11th!]

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