My Week In Phoenix and Portland

GOG next season

So one of my favorite things about Girls of Grace are the Youth Leader Luncheons.

Lemme explain.

A few months before our event in each city, a few of us get to go to the church where we will be having the Girls of Grace event and meet up with a group of youth pastors and leaders from the area. It gives us a chance to meet new friends and connect with folks we already know in town, give them the heads up about our event coming soon, and hear from them, as the people ministering to these girls day in and day, about the things their girls are struggling with.

I love.

So my friend Leigh, a big wig at our parent company Word Entertainment, and I headed to Phoenix on Monday to hang out with a bunch of youth leaders Tuesday at Grand Canyon University, one of our partners as well as the host for the event. [It’s a cool place, y’all.]

Thelma and Louise

That’s me and Leigh. We like to call ourselves Thelma and Louise because we tend to act up and cause trouble everywhere we go. [Not really, we just wish we did. Does that count for anything?]

Phoenix was a blast. So many super fun youth leaders in a room together getting honest and open about student ministry and how to meet the needs of teen girls today. Loved it.

Then Leigh and I had True Food Kitchen which may seriously be one of my favorite restaurants in the nation. Their chia seed pudding with banana and coconut? Well it’ll just plain bring a tear to your dairy-free heart.

We hopped a plane to Portland, leaving 90 degrees and sunny for 50 degrees and rainy. But totally worth it. Also, the guy next to me on the flight told me every desert and mountain range and while you may think that would be a bit annoying, it was actually awesome because he showed me the Grand Canyon! I have never seen it before. It is big.

[You’re welcome for how weird that story reads. I don’t want to fix it because I think is sounds funny. Sorry.]


Leigh does such a great job explaining Girls of Grace every time, and especially to these youth leaders in Portland. And then I get up and act like a dodo bird and be silly and then be serious and talk about what God does in hearts at Girls of Grace.

We made new friends, laughed a lot, and then got a donut.

voo doo

Vegan maple glazed please and thank you.

Also. ALSO. I got to see my wonderful and hilarious and practically perfect in every way friend Joy Eggerichs. And so immediately we got on the treadmill desk [I want one SO BAD] and just acted ridiculous. It’s what we do.


We made a video. I’m not gonna talk about the topic. I’m just gonna let you click if you want to see me embarrass myself for realz.

I also had a killer migraine yesterday and I don’t talk about that very much, but if you get headaches, I feel ya. The worst.

Sushi for dinner, early night to the hotel, then a 3:45am wakeup call for a 6am flight back to Nashville.

Upside? I got 4,000 words done on the next book which is awesome being that IT IS DUE ON JULY 1. [I’ll tell y’all more about that really soon… but you already know I’m scared.]

Though I did go to Phoenix and Portland for the first time in 2012, I am so excited to explore these cities more when we return for Girls of Grace this fall!

[Sorry that I did a stinker of a job blogging this week… the travel was a killa!]

Have a great holiday weekend, y’all. What’s your plans?

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