Word Revolution.

So after three Girls of Grace events where I get to talk on how our words matter, I felt a tug. A push. A shove? Probably.

Here’s what the God-shove felt like. I was standing in front of the mirror getting ready one morning, and this question scrolled across the ticker in my mind:

What if this generation killed the mean girl?

I know. Girls have been unkind to each other for generations, we’ve all dealt with it. The Mean Girl even has her own movie and she exists all over the place. It seems impossible to end her reign.


What if teenagers decided to use their words differently? What if they just decided, as a group, to cut it out?

I wanna be a part of that.

I am sure, LIKE SURE, that teen girls could change the world with words. I’m telling y’all. I can see it.

So I wrote a devotional about it.

This devotional is 30 days of how we can use our words better- how it’s done in the Bible, how it should be done in our homes, schools, and yes- online. [oh, I went there. Don’t you worry about that.]

So I rallied some troops to edit and design and make it happen – mainly Kyle, Luke, and Will – and I dove face first into writing this thing. [You may recall my brainstorming session here and the corner of my outline here and working on it here.]

And we did it. In about three weeks. Because we are insane.

[Did I have a book releasing the next week AND I decided to fill my life with writing a devotional? Yes. I told you. I’m insane.]




Because I want you to have it.


And tell your friends to download it.

And share that puppy.

And let’s revolt together.

Let's be friends!

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