Christmasy giveaway!

So I made a silly mistake when I mailed out a bunch of the Christmas gift packs last week.

I included a candy cane.

Seems like a simple addition, does it not? Just a little candy cane to brighten the spirits, and the breath, of young ladies around the USA.

Unfortunately, it seems, from what I’ve heard from a few of you, that the Christmas gift packs were stomped and smashed and sent through an oven because candy cane shrapnel is meltingly covering every corner of your gift pack.

I’m really sorry…. for having too much holiday spirit and it causing a peppermint flavored disaster.

If that is the case for you, and your poster or bookmarks or anything are messed up, please just email me (annieblogs [at] gmail [dot] com) and let me know your address and what needs replacing and I’ll ship it out today. No biggie. My pleasure. My fault. Let me replace the candy caned products.

. . . . .

Now to the fun stuff. We have a few of the Christmas gift packs left and I’d like to mail one to you! Well, “you” being a few lucky blog readers. Here’s the dealio….

I want to send you a full gift pack PLUS an additional copy of the book for you to give away to someone in your life!

Here’s how to win:

1. Leave a comment below and tell me who you would get that extra copy of the book that will be in your mailbox.

2. You can leave a SECOND comment saying that you like me on facebook… either you already do or you pop over, click LIKE, and then come back and say, “I like your page on facebook.”

3. You can leave a THIRD comment saying that you follow me on twitter… either you already do or you pop over, click FOLLOW, and then come back and say, “I follow you on twitter.”

So, you can have THREE different comments total. As many as the gifts the wise men brought…. which, if you read the story closely, you see that they also included candy canes in their packages. [No they didn’t.]

How many gift packs am I giving away? FIVE. FIVE lucky winners will get a gift pack shoved in the mail, sans candy cane, on Tuesday [so you have until Tuesday morning when I wake up and get movin’ to enter].

BRING ON THE WINNING! Ready… set… go!

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