Help Portrait 2010

I love Help-Portrait.

Help Portrait is a global movement [literally- over 50 countries!] of photographers using their time, gear, and expertise to give back to those in need.

It’s so awesome.

It is the one day a year when photographers who sign up gather with other photographers in their city and take free portraits for families in need- who either could otherwise not afford it or need it (sick kids, Nashville floods, etc.) and then give them the photos.

[Run on sentences are all the rage.]

I wrote about it on my blog last year- when I was introducing you to Help-Portrait and when I was interviewed in Chicago. I also wrote an (in)courage post called Smile.

This year, Help-Portrait has come up quickly. In case I haven’t given you enough WHINE with the cheese, I’ve had a super busy season, so Help-Portrait [which is THIS SATURDAY!] snuck up on me.

[Hence the reason I’m linking to lots of posts I wrote… you know… in 2009.]

Except for this. Scott Kelby is a huge deal photographer and I got to guest post on his blog today.

[Whoa. Weird. Did anyone tell him I’m not a photographer? Don’t do it. Let’s just let that fact slide under the radar. Please?]

I fly to Seattle tonight. And y’all are gonna die when I tell you this- but I get to HOST the event live on the creativeLIVE webstream. So that means on Thursday and Friday during Jeremy’s classes and Saturday ALL DAY during Help Portrait, your lil AnnieBlogs will be playing the role of Help-Portrait’s Oprah.

Yep. I said it.

I’ll remind y’all this weekend, in case you are sitting around on Saturday and looking to watch someone you know talk to photographers around the world as they take portraits of families in need.

You know, typical Changing-The-World-On-A-Saturday kind of stuff.

Also. Please help me. I’ll give you the topic: Seattle in December.

What should I pack?

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