A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet

Sophie Hudson, aka BooMama, is one of my favorite people / bloggers / friends.

A few years ago, she and Melanie and I were riding around Charlotte, North Carolina looking for a place to eat some Mexican food. We were attending a conference where that afternoon, Mel and I had both experienced less than stellar meetings regarding our hopes of being authors.

[To which I’d like to remind those particular people who rejected us in 2008 of SOME THINGS. Ahem.]

As we discussed and drove, Sophie said, “Well, I’ll tell y’all one thing. I’m never going to write a book.”


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She was wrong and I am oh-so-glad she was.

I know I often tell y’all about books I like, probably because reading is one of my favorite hobbies and I am friends with a lot of authors.

But listen, I am practically tearing up trying to tell you how much I loved A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet. From start to finish, it is full of HILARIOUS and heart-warming Southern stories that remind me of everything growing up in Georgia. But I think it won’t matter what part of the country you are from, you will absolutely love this book.




You know what I wish?

I wish my grandmothers were still alive to read this book with me. I’d buy them both copies, and my mom and sisters too, and I would see if we could figure out how to all sit in Ma’s living room and talk about the stories we read and let them tell me similar stories from our own family.

That’s what I wish. That’s how good this book is. My grandmothers would have loved this book as much as I do. My mom and sisters will love it too.


If you are looking to add to your summer reading list, please get A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet.

Amen and you can thank me later.

. . . . .

What else are you reading this summer?

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