Here’s the haircut. And some other things.

So there you go. Before and after. I feel absolutely 100% ridiculous showing this photo, but I figure if I ask your opinion, you deserve to see the final product from yesterday.

I am going to be so surprised if my hair ever looks that totally awesome again because Annie Downs is not overly skilled in the area of using a curling iron. But I’m gonna practice. I really am.

Volume. My hairstylist says I need volume. So there’s that.

I’m also wearing my favorite shirt ever- my Jake Ousley Plays Music shirt. Because it is true- Jake Ousley does play music. And he does it well.

On to other things….

I hope you saw Emily Freeman’s blog post yesterday. Get comfy somewhere before you start it. It won’t take you long, but it is so beautifully written that you need to be calm and have some minutes to marinate in it. Sheesh. Also, her book for teen girls, Graceful, can be pre-ordered now. You should do that. For realz.

My good pal Jules is trying to win his dream job as a baseball reporter. [“I’ll take jobs that I never want for $200, Alex.”] If you’ve got about 90 seconds, could you go vote for him? You can vote 50 times… just click the button over and over until it makes you quit. Watch his video- it is truly excellent. He’s a great writer and is totally the man for this job.

I am having an ABSOLUTELY BLAST scheduling nights in the blue circle. If you are in the blue circle [or are in Atlanta] and you haven’t spoken up yet, email me, yo! All the details are in this post.

Here’s what’s true: I’m hearing lots of outcry from Texans about the lack of blue circling in that state …. so I’m thinking about doing a little Texas Tour in June. Will you Texans speak up if that would be something you’d be interested in? It would be the same deal – one meal with you, me talking a little bit, just pay my travel from one city to the next [I would drive], and I’ll come meet your friends and your youth group girls and whatever.

Texas- you interested? Comment or email me (annieblogs [at] gmail [dot] com) or send a carrier pigeon or something.

And finally, the best 8 minutes of your day. Seriously. Watch it. It tears me up every time.

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