Love came down and rescued me.

I texted my mom on Tuesday night.

Tomorrow’s post is going to make you sad. Consider yourself warned.”

Because I know. For people who loved me through the teen years, it is hard to hear how much I didn’t love me, especially my family.

It was fully intentional to end yesterday’s post with no hope. Sometimes writing honestly means walking away before the end of the story. Trust me, it was hard not to keep the post going to 1500 words just so I could say, “LOOK! I’M FREE! THE OLD IS GONE AND THE NEW HAS COME!”

But I needed to feel, and wanted you to feel, the pause in the story.

Because it was a pause. For years.

But now?

Here is the end of the story.

. . . . .

Love came down and rescued me.

Love came down and set me free.

I am Yours. I am forever Yours.

Mountains high or valleys low, I sing out, remind my soul, that I am Yours. I am forever Yours.

. . . . .

Sarah leads worship in our small group on Tuesday nights. After writing the most challenging blog post in the history of Annie Blogs in the afternoon, that night Sarah led us in Love Came Down. And as I sang, I saw through fresh eyes. I can’t explain it, I just know it is true.

The old has gone. The new has come. And there is so much freedom in that. God is good.

. . . . .

So I tell you all this to tell you this:

You may feel like you get 16 year old Annie way more than you get 32 year old Annie.

You may know a teenager who is so smothered  in lies that you think she will never see the light again.

You may be believing lies about yourself and not telling anyone. Sheesh, for that matter, you may be struggling to define what is a lie and what is the truth.


I wrote a book about it.

I wrote a letter about it too.

My friend, there is freedom for you. Pursue it. Ask God for it. Look for it. Seek and you will find. The Bible promises it. And today, my heart is twisted in prayer for you. I just wanted you to know that.

Thank you for letting yesterday be yesterday. Thank you for being a part of this corner of the internet sky that allows for honesty even when it isn’t pretty.

. . . . .

Let’s take a deep breath and giveaway a book. I’ve got TWO copies of Graceful by Emily Freeman to giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me a teen/college girl with whom you would share the book.

Comments close on Friday at noonski [that’s 12pm if you don’t speak Annieish].

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