Why I’m forcing myself to read Howard’s End.

1. I found it on my bookshelf and I figured…

2. I should read the books that are on my bookshelf.

3. I don’t know how or when I purchased it, but at some point in my life I found this novel to be worth my hard-earned $6.95.

4. I bought it at Barnes & Noble. And it is a B&N Classic, which means it “offers readers quality editions of enduring works at affordable prices.” Or so the back cover says.

5. I feel a lot of pressure to read the Classics. I figure if a novel has been given such a label, it might be beneficial to read it.

6. I’m writing a lot of nonfiction right now, and it makes me absolutely love reading fiction. I’m like a fiction glutton. A vacuum for fiction. A fiction hoarder. [I’ve got a few more in my bag of tricks, but I’m gonna stop there.]

7. Howard’s End is listed on page 261 in 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. So. There’s that.

8. Page 261 also says it is “truly a masterpiece.” So. There’s that as well.

I am currently on page 61 of Howards End and while there are definite times that I have NO IDEA what is going on, I haven’t quit yet.

Meanwhile, every time I mention to a friend, “Hey, have you ever read Howards End?” everyone so far has said, “Uh, no.” So no one is motivating me to enjoy this puppy one little bit.

Maybe you can. Have you read it? What are your thoughts?

Are there other classics that you think I should read? And it isn’t rude for you to assume I haven’t read the book you suggest, so don’t feel the pressure to say, “I’m sure you’ve read it, but…” because you can never be sure.

[Unless it is To Kill a Mockingbird. I’ve totally read that.]

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