Yes, I love technology.

…but not as much as you, you see.

But I still love technology.

Always and forever.

[Name that movie, people.]

Here are three reasons why I love technology:

#1. My book is available on your Kindle!

Here is the link ::

[yes, it looks very similar to the tiny url to the regular book- but that one is “anniesbook”. This one is “anniesEbook”. It’s the small nuances that really make life worth living, isn’t it?]

[A “small nuance” is a bit redundant. Like an “added bonus” or a “free gift” or an “ATM machine” or writing “dollars” on your checks when the check clearly has the word “dollars” printed at the end of that second line.]

[I learned that in 7th grade business class.]

[Weird rabbit trail ends here. I promise.]

Anyways. If you, like me, have a deep love for your Kindle (mine is actually named Kindlella), then this might be a good option for you.

. . . . .

#2. Ann’s book is available on your Kindle!

If you don’t know my friend Ann Voskamp, well, you should. Her blog, A Holy Experience, is absolutely that And it is the only blog that has music that doesn’t make me insanely crazy. Instead, I can’t imagine reading Ann’s poetic prose without piano in the background.

She’s written a book. And it’s gorgie-poo.

And it is available in e-reader format here: One Thousand Gifts

I’ve already started it and it makes me want to cry tears of pure enjoyment. It’s like Jane Austen meets Amy Carmichael.

Yeah. You need her book.

. . . . .

3. When kids make videos.

Here is Rock. He’s awesome. And he says my name in a melt-my-heart kind of way. For sure.

Rock’s mom Sonnie is one of my BFFs and she’s become quite the beautiful blogger as of late. So hop/skip/jump/click if you wanna.

. . . . .

So, there is three-fold proof that I love technology.

I feel like I am awkwardly ending this post, like I’m walking backwards out of a party because I peed my pants and don’t want anyone to know.

I have not literally peed my pants.

Now I have made things terribly awkward.

[Also. I can’t believe I talked about peeing my pants in the same post I talked about Ann Voskamp. Somewhere, a tiny bird just fell out of its nest in disgust.]

I’m just gonna leave now.

See y’all tomorrow.

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