A bad case of the [thankful] Mondays.

It was that kind of weekend. The kind of weekend that you put up on a shelf and stare at for a little bit, and then say to yourself, “that was a keeper.”

I told you last week that one of my Nash-BFFs Betsy was in town. She moved away after Christmas and was here for a bit. She kinda just makes Nashville balance for me, so it was a gift for her to be here five days. [She also isn’t easily impressed by my stories or humor, so she keeps me humble.]

Also, my friend Drew was in town from Washington, which ruled. It never stops amazing me how God decides which friendships stick in life. Drew is funny and normal [and a magician, so, who doesn’t want a magician in their life?] and when all our friends stood around chatting before dinner Sunday night, he fit like he had always been here.

I’m grateful for pretty weather, Johnny Depp movies in the theater, Baja Burrito, the Get Fit Challenge pushing all my buttons, girlfriends who sit at Frothy Monkey and quote text messages from boys, dinner conversations and vacation planning, daylight savings which leads to longer days, and a God who loves me enough to call me to a new city and then bless me extravagantly once I am there.


I’m grateful that God consistently takes the hardest experiences of my life and turns them into beauty. He tells a better story with my life than I could ever write. This particular experience won’t ever get a lot of airtime, but I really felt led to share part of the story over at (in)courage today. Check it out if you have time.


I’m thankful that we have OUR WINNERS over at the giveaway page. If you didn’t *exactly* win, you can grab your own copy of the best new music out there from Dave’s website and Matt’s website.

I’m super excited to see Annie Parsons today. That’s what I’m talking about, Monday. Way to step up after such a solid weekend.

What better way to start off the week than to share what makes us glad. So I wonder, would you share one thing about your weekend that has you feeling thankful this Monday morning?

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