Day 15 :: Single Ladies

31 waysIt’s been almost two years that I’ve been blogging at (in)courage about being single. [You can scroll through the posts here.]

I never wanted to write about being single. It’s not fun for me. As I said recently to a friend, when you write non-fiction for a living, there are very few curtains that remain closed in the house of your life. I feel like most things I live I end up talking about online, in books, or from a stage… much to the chagrin of my people who sometimes wish our lives would just not be on display.

I get it. Me too.

Singleness, for a long time, was a room in my house where the curtains remained tightly closed. And I liked it that way.

Then God began to gently tap me on the shoulder, nudge me closer to the windows, and speak kindly to me about how I should maybe just open the curtains a bit, let some light into this dark place.

I shuffled my feet and begrudgingly opened up about this topic. And while it still isn’t my favorite, I am grateful for all the emails and comments and conversations that come from single women. Whether it’s a 22 year old or a 62 year old, the pain is legitimate and the hurt is real and the questions swirl in your mind and if we at (in)courage can offer some healing balm in that place, we will.

Today, I’m writing over there about how to speak love to unmarried people. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

. . . . .


I think today would be a great day for your to call up a single friend of yours and encourage her in a specific way. Maybe send her an e-card? Maybe write on her facebook wall? Maybe invite her over to hang with your family and drink coffee and chat after the kids go to bed? Remember her today- the single girl that you and your family love. And tell her so.


This is Day 15 of 31 Ways to Speak Love. You can click here to see a list of all the posts in the series.

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