I have to tell you about flitter.

After writing for (in)courage for the last five years, I finally saw the mothership. Over the weekend, I got to travel with some friends to northwest Arkansas to the home of (in)courageDayspring. (Hence my bloggy silence all weekend. Apologies.)

Dayspring makes really beautiful faith-based products and cards and such. We got to attend their devotionals that happen each Monday and then get a full tour of the office.

It. Was. Fascinating.

Besides 500 Days of Summer and Holley Gerth, I don’t know very much about making greeting cards…. except, of course, I love them. So we got to hear the marketing side and the seasonal side and the word side and the design side.

SO. Here was my favorite part.

The design gal is teaching us all about how a card goes from words to a beautiful thing you see in the store- the layers of design and pictures and fonts and then she talks about the extra accouterments. Like glitter.

Well, you know me well enough to know that my ears perked up at the reminder that cards often have glitter on them. Because, as you know, glitter is my favorite color.




I’m standing there, discussing and drooling over a drawer of glitter, and the designer says, “oh, it’s not glitter. It flitter. Glitter, but finer.”



It’s like I was born all over again into a happy place full of very very very small pieces of sparkle.

Just look how fine it is!


I literally was starstruck with all this beauty of flitter. Particularly this “sand” shade. It made me really happy and I wanted to put it on my nails and in my hair and on my friends.

AND there are TWO FULL DRAWERS of it.


I got lost in those drawers for a while, you know- the available flitter, the ones that can be used in future cards, and the discontinued flitter. (It took all the self-control my life has ever known to walk away from that discontinued flitter drawer without pocketing a few containers. Oh, I thought about it. But then I knew Jesus would see, especially at Dayspring.)

But here is the discontinued flitter.


Also beautiful. Hello pink flamingo, I want to be your friend.

So there’s today’s takeaway, friends. There is glitter, and there is



Happy Thursday.

. . . . .

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