If you need me, I’ll be cowering somewhere.

As much as writing about being single has kinda grown on me, there are still days.

Like today.

There are days like today where I write something brutally honest on a bad day and while it is 100% true, it still makes me want to hide out for a week or month or an undetermined amount of time.

I am, if nothing else, terribly courageous. 🙂

[Read: sarcasm.]

Today I am writing over at (in)courage about this one day before Christmas when my friends and I went to see a movie.

And it is pitiful and raw and honest and it is how I feel sometimes and while I know you get it and have been there and maybe are still getting it or maybe get it in another context besides singleness, I’m still feeling some fear about posting it not because it is wrong, but because I wish it wasn’t true.

Also, apparently, I’m feeling the need to write run-on sentences. My word.

. . . . .

Some other things that you may/may not care about:

1. The boy in the story travels for his job and I am hoping beyond hope that he will just stay away from my corner of the internet today. Mainly because I admit that I had an inward crumble because of him. I don’t want boys knowing they make me crumble.

Melt? Yes.

Crumble? No.

2. I am feeling a little better about movies. Not great, mind you, but I did watch Hugo and loved it.

3. We are all allowed to have bad days in whatever life season we are living. I’m just not sure it is great to also have a writing deadline fall on those same days. 🙂

4. This is still really true, no matter how I feel.

Isaiah 41:17

The poor and needy search for water,

but there is none;

their tongues are parched with thirst.

But I the LORD will answer them;

I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them.

I hope you share this (in)courage post because this isn’t one of those where you can go, “Barbie- read this- I know you are desperately sad about being single!” but it is one that, hopefully, a single gal will click on from your facebook feed and know that while she is hurting, she isn’t alone.

The run-on sentences. They are bountiful.

Thanks for letting me be me. I really mean that.

. . . . .

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. . . . .

[PS- as long as we’re single-talking, I wrote a guest post for my friend Sammy titled Silently Single. Feel free to pop over there and check it out- the comments are really awesome.]

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