It’s time you heard about (in)courage!

I am TERRIBLE at keeping secrets. Especially ones that are highly awesome. So it has about made. me. lose. it. to keep this from you. But no more…. [somewhere, drums are rolling] ……

I’m so excited about being part of new project called (in)courage! You’ll be hearing more about it soon and it officially launches August 10th at! So though patience isn’t my greatest strength, I’m excited that you only have to wait until next Monday to see the whole thing explode before your eyes. Explode in the party kind of way, not in the bomb kind of way. You know the difference.


Pretty much, here’s what (in)courage is, in a nut shell. (in)courage is part of the DaySpring company (the Christian branch of Hallmark). But it’s WAY more than that. (in)courage is a place for women of all ages to congregate and communicate. You’ll be encouraged [or (in)couraged if you so desire] and inspired; you can be real, you can be funny or sweet or hurt or whatever. It’s a place where you can be you. And I can be… I? Me? Moi? Whatevs.

(in)courage is a vacation home… for your heart.

A bunch of my favorite bloggy-girls are a part of (in)courage as well, either to write (like me!), or to make products that are GORGEOUS and particularly made for you. [In fact, head back here Friday to see how God used a (in)courage product to speak to my heart.] So there are about 20 of us. And that’s part of the reason I LOVED SheSpeaks- about eight of us (in)courage girls got to hang out (including Jen, who probably sent some of you here- welcome!). And it was SO. FUN.

So now I’m equally excited to be a part of this because I get to work with a bunch of my friends. [If you just can’t resist knowing who all is involved, I’ll give you a sneak peek here– you’ll definitely see some familiar faces. Besides mine. Obviously.]

Right now I’d like to introduce you to one of my friends. Jessica blogs at The Mom Creative. I’m excited to send you her way- please pay her a visit so she can tell you a little more about (in)courage and introduce you to another one of the lovely ladies on the team…

And join us next Monday. Trust me, it’s gonna rule.

Are you (in)?


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