Questions for me.

Sorry I have been bloggy absent. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by The Camera Incident of 2011 and the fact that in the last five days I have located TWO GRAY HAIRS on the crown of my head.


Meaning that as of today, I am officially older than I feel, act, or admit.

[Kidding. I’m 30. I promise. And proud of it.]

I kept the first gray hair. It is in my change purse and I keep showing it off. Gross or not, it’s my life.

Now. Less about me, more about you.

I need your help.

Next week, I am the featured author on the (in)courage Bloom Book Club [squeal!yay!woot!]. And I’m just wondering if there are any questions you’d like me to answer…. like, you can interview me. I mean, I could just interview myself- I’ve done it before– but before I do that, I figured I’d check with you.

Anything you’d like to know about:

  • the book
  • the process of writing my book
  • blogging
  • Nashville
  • my dating life [answer: like the Lochness Monster- I believe it exists, but it is just hard to see]
  • Nail polish colors
  • future plans
  • past mistakes [answer: be gentle.]
  • what’s next for my writing
  • my middle name
  • my favorite things
  • anything else that has been burning in your soul

If you can’t come up with anything, I’ll be forced to interview myself and it always ends up getting way more volatile than I intend.

Help me? Help me help you? Help me help you help me?


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