Ruffling Feathers Since Never.

I’m not one to write about things that even border on controversial. If you’ve known me longer than right now, you know that. So I don’t really like to ruffle feathers- it’s not fun to me. And so today, I’m a little nervous that my (in)courage post is gonna get some mixed reviews.

I prepared for it. I left the mainland.

(Just kidding. That’s not why I’m in Honolulu. I’m here for the Bloom Conference!)

But I just really wanted to write about something BRAND NEW I’m experiencing when it comes to singleness:


I’d love to hear your thoughts… hop on over to (in)courage and tell me what you think.

And you are welcome to disagree with me and tell me the problem is that I’m selfish. You wouldn’t be the first. 🙂

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