The thing about blogging.

The thing about blogging is that it gives us each a chance to share a few moments of our day with our reader friends.

I love blogging when I get to tell about seeing the Royal family or when I learn a new recipe. I love blogging when, in all honesty, the writing is good and the stories are funny or tug on heart strings. I love blogging and reading blogs for an hour or so a day.

But that leaves another 23 hours.

The thing about blogging is that it is our real lives, it’s just not the FULLNESS of real life….

You can read the rest of this article over at (in)courage today.

. . . . .

On Saturday night I sat on the bus from Princes Street to Morningside and thought long and hard about that article I wrote for (in)courage. It was dark and chilly and windy like a November night in Nashville. I missed my train then missed my bus and I was two hours late getting home.

I thought about the fact that I was missing the (in)courage beach weekend, I was missing Georgia football, I was wondering how things might be different if I was in Nashville.

And I was totally alone. 

It’s not that I hadn’t seen friends all day. I had.

It was a deeper alone than that. It was a going home alone thing. A family-less alone. A man-less alone. A best friend-less alone. A someone who has known me longer than 6 months-less alone.

It was this alone that doesn’t cross my heart very often.

I am totally digging my life in Scotland, you know this. But it doesn’t mean that it is pain-free or sacrifice-free or perfect. It can be hard. Really hard.

[This doesn’t shake my faith, don’t let it shake yours.]

It is hard for me to feel alone. It makes me worry that it is permanent. It makes me feel like I have to be stronger than I want to be. It makes me feel like I am the only one who looks out for me. It makes me wrestle with God and who He is and what it looks like to call Him my home.

And that is something that I normally wouldn’t blog about.

But I am today. Because if I’m going to tell you about praying and pulling weeds and exciting weeks, then I need to tell you about nights alone on the bus.

So the thing about blogging is that it isn’t easy to admit when things don’t feel perfect or awesome. But the thing about blogging [and this being MY blog 🙂] is I get to choose which minutes of my day I share with you, whether that is easy or not.

And today, I’m choosing to share the hard minutes. Hope that’s okay.

. . . . .

Feel free to share your hard minutes or your easy minutes in the comments today… and know you are prayed for.

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