TFIOS sneak peek!



As you probably recall, a few weeks ago I got to meet and interview the actors from The Fault In Our Stars, a hugely popular YA novel that has now become a feature film releasing on June 6, and my favorite author/vlogger John Green.

It was awesome. And I was nervous. And I learned a lot. And I have LOOOOOOTS of thoughts about the movie (which I got to see) and the stars and the experience in general.

You’ll be hearing all about it next week. Don’t you worry.

I’ve finished up the interview video with John Green, Shailene Woodley, and Ansel Elgort and I’m going to make it available next Monday to my VIP list only. Everyone else will see the interview after the movie releases, but I know some of you are bigger fans and want to get your eyes and paws on it ASAP.

I learned some really interesting stuff from each of these folks and I just cannot tell you how grateful I feel to have been on that red carpet. I hope you’ll enjoy the interviews.

Just sign up for the VIP list below and you’ll be getting access to the video first thing Monday morning!

. . . . .

Also- next week, I’ll be answering your questions about TFIOS – the movie, the experience, the actors, whatever you want. So feel free to leave those in the comments!

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