Gift Giving with Let’s All Be Brave!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. when people graduate!

(That’s a sentence I would have said any other year except this year WHEN MY SMALL GROUP GALS ARE GRADUATING AND I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO FEEL EXCEPT SAAAAAAAD. We have to move on quickly…)

I wrote Let’s All Be Brave for you- my friends, but when I was writing, I was picturing my girls. I was thinking about my small group and what I wanted to make sure they knew about courage. I think there is honestly no better season for a book about courage than when graduating from high school or college.

So I partnered with Glory Haus to create a handful of products that I think would look cute gifted with the book.

And. GET THIS. If you order THIS WEEK, you can get 20% off your order AND free shipping using the code BRAVEFRIENDS20!! 

Because you are my friend (the code is for friends only… that means you), I’m going to help you figure out who needs what gift, okay? I’m just here to make your life easier. 🙂

. . . . .

For the gal moving into her first dorm room….

Let’s All Be Brave and the Braver Than You Know Canvas

Let's All Be Brave canvas

I wrote these words and my friend Laura made them GORGEOUS.

Hanging this big 12×16 canvas in a dorm room will be such a sweet reminder to your freshman gal of who she wants to be… and maybe help her built a color scheme for the room because that is a HUGE DECISION that she doesn’t even realize is coming down the pipe.

. . . . .

For the gal finishing college and moving to the big city for her first job…

Let’s All Be Brave and Braver By Your Side Frame

Let's All Be Brave frame

I absolutely love the grown up look of this frame. I can imagine any college graduate putting a picture of her family or college roommates or sorority pledge class in here.

. . . . .

For your graduating small group or senior class or multiple gifts…

Let’s All Be Brave and Braver Than You Know Ribbon Canvas


When I graduated high school, my mom had to give about 15 graduation gifts. This 5×7 ribbon canvas is a great size to toss in a gift bag with the book and you’ll spend less than $20 on this graduation gift!

. . . . .

For anyone and please hurry before they sell out…

Let’s All Be Brave and the Brave Jumbo Mug

Let's All Be Brave Mug

We literally cannot keep the mugs in stock- at the warehouse or on my merch table or anywhere. They are gorgeous and huge and perfect and everyone wants them. I get it. I want one too. SERIOUSLY I DO NOT EVEN HAVE ONE. I’m buying one today as well.

Also. If you are a crazy person who can’t resist a deal (I respect you), the Christmas ornament is also on the 20% off deal, so you could stock up? Your life. Your call.

. . . . .

Here are the details again:

– you get 20% off the Annie F. Downs collection when you spend $25 or more (except the book)


– Use the code BRAVEFRIENDS20

– the code will last until the end of Sunday, April 26th!

. . . . .

Holler if you have any issues! And remember this code only lasts through the weekend, so think birthdays, Hanukkah, MOTHER’S DAY, and please get what you need while they are cheaper!! Happy shopping!

. . . . .

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