Looking For Lovely Gift Guide for Your Single Friend!

Well listen.

If Lifeway is gonna let you have a copy of Looking For Lovely for only FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS, I’m gonna help you build out a little gift for a few different women in your life.

Today- let’s talk about those lovely single gals in your life! In addition to a copy of Looking For Lovely, here are a few gift ideas I loooooove that I think any of your single friends will love too. So pick a few or pick ’em all, but they will be great co-gifts with the book!

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Looking For Lovely Gift Guide for Your Single Friend!

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Grace & Perseverance bracelet :: just like my wrist tattoos I write about in the book, but with less pain (or permanency).

Entrusted by Beth Moore :: I just finished this study and I looooooved it deeply.

Queen Radiant Lipstick :: this stuff is amazing. All the shades are beautiful, but Queen is the one I can’t quit.

Let’s All Be Brave Mug :: I drink out of it twice a week at least, depending on my dishwasher.

Young Living Deep Relief Roller :: I don’t sell oils, but my friend Brittany does, and this deep relief roller has legit changed my life. I get lots of migraines and this puppy helps a ton.

Garden & Gun :: I love this magazine.

Women’s Foil Print Vintage Vee Tee :: this pink t-shirt with gold foil dots is the cutest I’ve seen at Target in a while.

The Road Back To You :: the enneagram is one of my favorite things to talk about and I think we could all really benefit from learning about ourselves and each other.

(And don’t forget that after you buy Looking For Lovely, let me sign it for you!)

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So there you go! Gifts gifts gifts for daaaayyyysss! Well, for one day. Christmas Day. December 25. Just in case you needed that reminder.

In case you missed it, I posted some gift ideas for young women, and a longer list for the moms in your life! Also, if you have any gift recommendations to go along with Looking For Lovely, leave it down in the comments for us. That’ll be fun to see what y’all share too.

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