Looking For Lovely!!

Looking For Lovely Launch

Finally, y’all.


I can tell you all the things. I’ve been waiting (not patiently) and hoping and begging and waiting… dying to tell you all about it. Now I can. Praise hands emoji.

. . .

the basics

. . .

My next book, Looking for Lovely, releases on April 5, 2016… but pre-sales start TODAY!

Looking for Lovely is a book about perseverance and pain and healing and Nashville and Jesus and how to face the hard things. It’s for women of all ages, but probably focuses towards college and up. (More like the Let’s All Be Brave crowd, not the teen book crowd, though teens can TOTES read this.) The best way I can tell you about it, without using too many words, is in this video below… and you get to see Radnor Lake, my favorite place in Nashville!

(And that thumbnail shot … it’s a real treat, isn’t it? hahahahaha)

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why do pre-sales matter?

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You know how when you’re throwing a big party, it’s really good to get RSVPs so you have enough food for everybody? Here’s a bad thing that happens with books: if book retailers don’t know that people want to buy the book (come to the party), they don’t have enough in stock (enough food for the party-goers). And then there’s backup and your book gets delayed for weeks and there is weeping and gnashing of teeth… mostly by me.

So. It helps SO SO much if you think you may want the book, or a couple of them, if you pre-order it from your favorite retailer now.

(And it would mean a lot to me. That too.)

. . .

how do I pre-order?

. . .

We’ve put it all together for you on one page. Because. You know. I love you and stuff.


There’s four different levels of pre-order, with different prizes (which, you cannot even know how much fun we had picking out these things and making the prize packs!):

One book – “I just want to read it. Yay and thanks!”

Three books – “Me and my two besties love reading books together and would LOVE for them to be autographed!”

Ten books – “Our small group has been looking for what to read next and DANG I get lots of swag if I’m the one who orders the books!”

300 books – “Our church is looking for a speaker in 2016 and if we buy these books she’ll come for free? Boom.”

Also. ALSO. All the pre-orders get a discount code from fashionABLE! NO KIDDING.

You can order from anywhere you want (lots of link options on this page), and then you just email us the receipt. Easy cheesy.

. . .

can I tell my friends?

. . .

That would actually mean the world, thanks for offering.

You can use this graphic if you want. Please link to lookingforlovelybook.com and use the hashtag #lookingforlovely.

Looking For Lovely Square Share

Or if you just want to use the book cover, here it is! (DO YOU LOVE IT OR WHAT? I know. I cried big fat tears when I saw the cover. Matt Lehman, y’all. He’s more talented than I know how to discuss.)

Looking For Lovely

. . .

Annie, do you love this book?

. . .

With my whole heart. I hope you will too.



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