Annie has a job: An interview

Q: So, Annie, I heard you have a job.

A: Well yes I do. I mean, I’ve actually had approximately 13 jobs since I moved to Nashville 2 years ago, but this is the first long term job- the kind I want to keep for years. Maybe. 🙂

Q: I thought you were a writer. I guess you quit trying to be a writer?

A: First of all, I think your tone is harsh. Secondly, I’m not a quitter. My new job is more than part time but less than full time, so in that happy middle place, I will still write. A lot.

Q: So what is this new job?

A: I am the Social Media/Communications girl at Mocha Club.

Q: Didn’t you already work at Mocha Club before?

A: I did. I actually started as a volunteer, then took a very part time admin job, and now have a real job there.

Q: What is the Mocha Club?

A: I totally know this answer. Mocha Club is a an online community of people giving up the cost of 2 mochas a month – or $7 – to fund relief and development projects in Africa. We work in five main project areas: Clean Water, Education, Child Mothers + Women At Risk, Orphan Care + Vulnerable Children, and HIV/AIDS + Healthcare. You can read more here at the Mocha Club site.

Q: So what does a “Social Media/Communications Girl” do?

A: Well the “girl” part is pretty self-explanatory. And the rest is still being worked out, but the goal is use what I am know [and what I’m learning] about Social Media to benefit Mocha Club, thus benefiting Africa.

Q: But, like, what do you DO?

A: Yeah, I dunno yet. But it will involve blogs, online magazines, twitter, myspace, facebook, being awesome, that kind of stuff.

Q: Why take a real job? Are you not getting enough writing gigs?

A: Part 1- rude. Part 2- it’s not the amount of writing gigs or the money. It is that I really love Mocha Club. I love the leadership there. I love the mission of the organization. I love that my strengths are needed there. I love that many of my friends are musicians who support Mocha Club. And I love the swag. [Just being honest.]

Q: So what does that mean for us, your bloggites?

A: Excellent question. I think it means that anytime I want to try out crazy online stuff for Mocha Club, you get to be the test bunnies. And it also means that you have first dibs when we do bloggy-stuff, twitter stuff, or facebook stuff.

Q: Are you excited?

A: There. Are. No. Words. This is a dream job for an internet nerd like myself. And I uber-respect my boss. And I love my co-workers. And I get energized in meetings. And I laugh all day. And I can’t believe I got this job. And I’m as happy as a pig in slop.

Q: That is such a redneck thing to say.

A: I think we’re done here.

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