Calling all BLOGGERS!

Ok, y’all. This is gonna be so fun.

I’ve told you this before, but I volunteer with an amazing non-profit called MOCHA CLUB.

Mocha Club is launching a new campaign next week.  I can’t put a lot of details out there yet, BUT!  The coolest part is- Barrett, the director of MC, wants BLOGGERS to be the way to get this campaign out there.

So yeah.  That means YOU. [If you have a blog, that is.]

And you get to post about something that is way big and something that is literally changing the face of Africa. And maybe you get a little summin’-summin’ too.

How RAD is that?!?!

Does it matter how many readers you have?  NOPE. Does it cost you anything? NOPE.

All you have to have is a blog and heart for Africa.

That’s it.

Want more details?  Interested in taking part?

Leave a comment below and I’ll get your info to the Mocha Club director Barrett.  Or, you can just email him yourself at barrett [at] mochaclub [dot] org.  Whichever makes you happy.

But jump on in.  Why not?

Let's be friends!

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