Fun day at Mocha Club — join us?


Well here we are, our Kenya team, all except Nish and our videographer Adam. We gathered all the gals in Nashville and went to an Ingrid Michaelson concert last night. It was magical. Truly.

And today, we are all at the Mocha Club office. We’re brainstorming and dreaming and skyping with New Dawn and getting ready for TONIGHT!

Here are the two options. We want you at both!

. . . . .

For anyone and everyone, we have a LIVE ONLINE EVENT FROM 7-8pm CST! We’re going to be talking about the school, giving away lots of fun stuff, and being awesome. There could be surprise guests and skyping people in… who knows! So we’d love if you would join us!

Follow along with the #kenyamocha hashtag for all the details! 🙂

And you know I will so loud on twitter and instagram to make sure you know what’s up.



. . . . .

For you Nashville gals who want to hang with us- me and Jessi and Lindsay and Mocha Club peeps- we’re grabbing dinner at Local Taco in Brentwood from 5-6pm and we’d love for you to join us!

(Then. If you want. Feel free to come to the Mocha Club office with us and be there live for the livestream. We’d love that!)


. . . . .

So we’ll see you tonight, yeah?

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