I Need Africa

You know I love Mocha Club. Whoa love it.

I used to work there, but before that, I was a volunteer, a member, and have always been a huge fan of what they are doing.

And today, they are launching INA 2.0. A few years ago, I wrote all the reasons that I need Africa. And to be fair? They are all still so very true.

“Possessions in my hands will never be as valuable as peace in my heart.”

The first time I read that, I knew Barrett (the founder of Mocha Club) was wiser than me and smarter than me and probably an all around better human than me. I’ve known him for five years now and all of that has proven true.

I just watched their new video and wowie zowie did I tear up.

(Hey subscribers… there’s a video here. Just FYI. If you wanna click over or whatevs.)

I just love what Mocha Club does – for only $9 a month, we can partner with them as they do development projects in Africa. I personally support the education project because when I see New Dawn High School updates from Kenya, my heart explodes.

Right now, with the launch of INA, Mocha Club is offering an amazing deal….


SO CUTE, right?

No joke, I can’t quit that pocket tshirt. I’m wearing it today.

If you read more than this blog, then you know the bloggy world is full of non-profit organizations partnering with us to talk to you. Well, let me tell you- before I was an author, before you read this blog (except for you Mama, you were already reading), before a zillion non-profits popped up on blogs, I loved Mocha Club because of what they do and how they do it.

I know I need Africa. And I’m proud to have learned that from Mocha Club.

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