International Justice Day.

ijdI love being a part of Mocha Club. But, there are some days that I’m uber-excited and lucky to work with Mocha Club. Like, way more than usual.

Today is one of those days.

Today is International Justice Day- where people around the world have the opportunity to look at the injustices of the world and actually discuss them. Maybe, somehow, taking a step towards making a difference.

And Mocha Club is about those conversations, and more importantly- those actions.

What does that video do to you? It makes me deeply sad that those words are real life for someone. I mean, clean water. CLEAN WATER?!? I start to roll my eyes if the water in the shower starts to lose its heat. But there are people who have No. Clean. Water.

Child Labor. AIDS. War. Debt. Sex Trafficking. It’s horrible.

And yet, at the same time, it makes me deeply grateful that Mocha Club considers this day one worth noting and bringing to the forefront of our minds. And I’m glad that these injustices aren’t invisible to us anymore- instead, they are a focus.

Today, Mocha Club launches a new website. And a new blog. And they have SO MUCH to say about international justice. Check it out.

What do YOU have to say? What does that make you want to say? I want to know. Leave a comment or write a blog post and link it in the comments. I would love to get a conversation going about what justice looks like to you and what we can do, here in the States, to be a part of bringing justice to the rest of the world. [And feel free to post the badge or the video- just link to at some point too so all our conversations can have a home.]

Enjoy a glass of water today. Really enjoy it.

And have a great weekend.

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