Tuesday’s Clicks

A couple of fun clicks to share with you, my friends.

$10K Purpose Project

You guys. We’re only THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS away from our goal! (As of lunch time) Please, if you haven’t given yet, would you do it today? We’d love to hit that goal before Friday.

When I was an employee at Mocha Club, running their social media, I wrote about four New Dawn students. Just pick one story to read if your time is limited- I promise you will be so moved by these lives.

Meet Francis.

Meet Enock.

Meet Lucy.

Meet Stephen. (My personal favorite.)

Help us finish out this last tiny bit of money– and remember- if you are interested and you donate $25, you will be able to fill out an application to possibly go with us to New Dawn in May! Our team is pretty stellar. I expect lots of laughs and late night convos.

Speaking Page Updated

I’ve updated my speaking page with some video clips and quotes and dates. I’d love to see you if I’m coming near you. And- as always, if you are having an event for teen girls or young adults or women or puppies, I’d love to come speak. (Ok, not really puppies. But just about any human group, I’m there.)


If you haven’t heard yet, IF:Equip is a daily Bible reading plan that pushes you not only to read, but also to journal and discuss the text. Also, each day, there is a video of a couple of women talking about the passage for the day. Today, myself and my sweet friend Bianca are talking about John 5:16-47. You know, a short simple passage that has little relevance to our lives today. (SARCASM) I’ve really loved the IF:Equip daily emails and readings. Hope you’ll jump on board.

Bible Gateway Posts

I’ve written a few posts for Bible Gateway that you may want to know about. I just feel bad when I write around the internet and forget to tell you, my actual people, about it.

The Light of the World

City On A Hill

Lamp On A Stand

Your Light (coming soooooon…. I think?)

Moment Maker

Carlos Whittaker’s first book is available for pre-order and the Kindle version is LESS THAN FOUR DOLLARS and you should get it.

$10K Purpose Project

Have I mentioned that yet? 🙂

That’s all for today, friends. Got any cool links to share with me? 

Also. What are you using to read blogs these days? I miss Google Reader and still haven’t found a decent replacement and I’m falling way behind in blog reading!

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