In case you didn’t see my insane instagram video last night, we hit $10,000 for the $10K Purpose Project.



Do you realize that together we have done something that none of us could have accomplished alone?

Do you realize that each of us giving a little bit will absolutely transform a high school in Kenya?

I can’t wrap my mind around it.

I’ve been teary and giggly and talking at a higher volume than usual since we went into five digits worth of giving.

We. Did. It.

I have the best view of this- I didn’t do anything but tell y’all about a need in Nairobi. And then many of you sacrificed and gave and together, we are making a huge impact in the lives of 160 high schoolers, their families, their teachers, and future students.

Phew. It’ll just make you get all weepy thinking about it.

Thank you so much.

. . . . .


–> Keep giving!

The $10K Purpose Project lasts until Friday at midnight. Everything raised will go to continued improvements at New Dawn. There is SO MUCH we can do to help them make the learning environments better for students- don’t EVEN get me dreaming of what we could do….

Since we reached our initial goal, someone who donates $25 or more will get to go with us! If by some insane chance we get to $20,000 by Friday, two people get to go with us! How do you get to go?

–> Fill out the application next week!

So everyone who donates by Friday will get an email early next week with information and the application for the trip. The staff of Mocha Club, with some input from me, will decide who gets to go with us!

–> Plan your own purpose project!

I’m not the only one to do this. Lots of bloggers do purpose projects! The goal of a purpose project is to raise money for Mocha Club in order for you to have the courage or opportunity to do something you otherwise would have never done. So for me? It’s getting to take a friend to see New Dawn.

So what do you want to do?

Raise $500 for clean water and then you’ll run a 5K race?

Raise $1000 for women at risk and then you’ll write your first novel?

Raise $200 for education and then you’ll get a tattoo?

Check out the video explaining it. (Subscribers- there’s a video here. Click over, yo.)

Figure out what crazy thing you want to do. Figure out what project area matters to you. And then pick a month and make it happen. (Also- when you get your Purpose Project started? Please let me know so I can share about it!)

. . . . .

Thank you again. I am inspired by you, blessed to know you, and honored to walk alongside you as we get to use what God has given us to make this planet a better place for others.

You da best.

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