Will you help me find $3000?

(Have you seen my lovely video? Where it was freezing cold and my hair was being blown from here to there and everywhere and I have a lisp like Emma Stone?)

Doing this Purpose Project for Mocha Club this month has been a roller coaster of emotions. Nervous, certain, doubtful. I feel all the things.

(In case you need a reminder, we want to raise $10,000 this month to help renovate classrooms at New Dawn High School in Nairobi, Kenya.)

I can’t imagine being on the other side of this- being a student, in a classroom, waiting to see if enough money will come in to give my 10th grade classroom walls and a ceiling.

I can’t imagine being a teacher, waiting to see if my classroom will be renovated and my salary bumped up a bit.

I get nervous about raising $10,000 because it feels like a lot of money, but for the people on the receiving end, it means SO.MUCH.MORE.

And thinking about them- the teachers and staff and 160 high school students- that gives me all the feelings.

I hope we do this. For them.

Friends, honestly, I really really want to meet this goal. Yes, I want one of you to go to Africa with us (look who else you’ll be hanging with if you get to go on this trip), but more than that…. man I want to see this high school get the updates it badly needs.

It just makes me feel all teary thinking about the fact we have the chance to literally change that school in a massive way. We’ve raised close to $7,000. But here’s the thing- I need you to help me find this last $3000 we need to meet our goal.

Please. If you haven’t yet, would you consider donating? It can be $10, $25, $42, $3000. Whatever you have spare this short month will make a lasting impact on New Dawn High School.

Also, Please. Will you help share this story over the next few days? I’ve told everyone I know, in real life and on the internet, and now, it would mean so much if you would tell your people too.

You could blog about it.

Here’s the link to the Purpose Project page.

Here’s the link to the video.

If it would be easier, I’d be happy to write a guest post for you if you don’t have time to write about the Purpose Project this month. (Just leave a comment below if that’s what you’d like me to do and we’ll connect.)

Would you mind tweeting or posting on Facebook about it? Here is some sample text you can grab and post.

We’ve got 11 days to raise $3K for @mochaclub. Let’s do it. // http://ow.ly/tJ7Y0

We need 131 people to give $25 to @mochaclub so we can renovate classrooms in Kenya. Will you make it 130? // http://ow.ly/tJ7Y0

Want to go to Africa? You could get the chance for just $25. @mochaclub can make it happen –> http://ow.ly/tJ7Y0

My small sacrifice is going to make a big impact at New Dawn High School in Kenya. // http://ow.ly/tJ7Y0

And please remember- if we hit our $10,000 goal, anyone who donates $25 or more will receive an email with instructions on how to apply to go with us! And one person will get a free trip with our team to see New Dawn High School in May!

I’ve said “please” a lot in this post. Either my mother raised the most polite Southern girl on the planet or hopefully you realize how much this matters to me- how sure I am that if we will each make a small sacrifice, our combined efforts will make a massive impact.

Yep, I wanna help.

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