Mt. Hermon Day 2.

I have a confession- I am currently skipping a session that would probably make me a STELLAR writer. Hope y’all will settle for mediocre. Cause I just need. a. break. from. writing.

So I came to the coffee shop to blog.  Cause you know, blogging is significantly different than writing.

And after editing a piece for Mona Hodgson to critique, let’s just say I’m quite cognizant of the amount of times I use the words “was” and “very”.

It was a very interesting critique meeting.

Dang it.

I want to spill out all the things that are happening here for my career, but that’s weird and really possibly inappropriate.  I mean, you aren’t telling me about your business meetings on your blog, are you?  [Are you? Cause I’m really nosy and I would enjoy that.]  But rest assured that your prayers are being heard and felt and KEEP IT UP UNTIL TUESDAY PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

We take different classes every afternoon, but in the morning we take the same class every day.  [A track, if you will.]  And my track is about media and public relations. Let’s just say there is a lot of BLOG TALK and that does a heart good.  My friends Holley and BJ are in the class with me. We whisper tech-talk back and forth. Cause I’m a dork. And have found some of my kind.

And the dude teaching the class, Rusty, keeps us entertained and is pretty smart.  [Smart enough to call me a savvy author on his blog. And if any of y’all correct him about that “savvy” business, I’ll be real sad. Just let it go.]

Sorry to post on a Sunday, but I want to keep y’all in the know.

Happy Palm Sunday. Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.

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