As good a time as any.

Last night at a concert (Dave Barnes- duh.), I talked with a new friend of mine that lives in Nashville. He said, “So, tell me why you are moving up?” I answered, “BECAUSE GOD TOLD ME TO.”

And I realized I looked like a freak. Seriously. Because there is SO MUCH back story to that and though that is the main idea, it just isn’t that black and white. I’m a details girl. I wanted to add details.

So I emailed him a brief version of the details. I’m going to give you a little more. I guess back here in March I told you, but I didn’t really tell you.

In October, I started feeling this weird unsettled feeling. Not like something bad was going to happen, but that God was talking but I wasn’t listening. [Can I get an Amen from pews on that one?] I sat down one night with my journal and began to write. Suddenly, on my page, at the bottom of the list, it said this:

Am I supposed to move to Nashville?

And I was stunned. Why in the WORLD would I even write that? I love my house, my job, my friends, my family- everything about Marietta. Why would I leave?

So I tossed the idea, though I felt an unearthly peace when I read that in my journal, and I told the Lord, “Ok, if this is YOU, bring it back. But if it’s me, let’s just forget the whole thing happened.”

Cause single girls can get some crazy ideas. Don’t let us fool you. We aren’t near as sane as we look. [And by “we”, I mean “I”.]

I told no one. I just prayed. And it wouldn’t go away, though secretly, I really wanted it to.

At Thanksgiving, I emailed my friends Kevin and Mandy to see if I could stay with them over MLK weekend in Nashville. Very nonchalant. Very “of course I’m not MOVING there, just visiting… of course”.

I thought if January came and I still couldn’t shake this idea, I should probably visit Nashville. Since I had never been there before.

Oh yeah. Moving to a city you’ve never been to? Hop aboard the insane train.

I told my family at Christmas when we were on a trip in Birmingham. They all loved it, I don’t know why. Probably because of Jesus speaking to their hearts, too. But I still DID NOT love it and was pretty certain I had lost my marbles or was in some sort of phase. Why didn’t anyone else agree?

I then told my two best friends and it was horrible. Good. I wanted it to be. I wanted someone to say that this was a terrible idea and brainstorm for hours other ways to accomplish the same goal. Or set a timeline. Or cancel the plans all together.

But once the conversation ceased, the tears flowed. Because we all three knew. Though we are all three excellent planners, we can’t out plan God’s plan. If we could have, we would have.

And then that’s when all the steps starting coming. Writing opportunities increased, Mt. Hermon came into view, I did not sign my contract to teach next year, I put my house on the market and God sold it in weeks.

I still don’t LOVE the idea of moving. I mean, I’m getting used to it. I like it. I’m excited that God and I are headed on an adventure. I DO NOT want to leave my family, my friends, my coworkers, my church, my life. My city. It scares me to death- EVERYONE I love (give or take a few in out west and in scattered states) lives 30 miles or less from Atlanta and I moved home from college NEVER planning to leave.

I’m not a very brave person. I don’t do things that are outside of my comfort zone. But I feel like it’s time I told the Lord that He means more to me than anything else. Anyone else.

And if that looks like moving to Nashville, I will.

Tomorrow …… Why Nashville?

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