Why Nashville?

(Your questions for me are in bold. My answers are in italics. You are quite the hard hitting journalist. Well done.)

So, Annie, tell us. Of all the cities in the world, why Nashville?

Because of the beautiful skyline?
Uh, yeah, I mean, it’s pretty alright. But no, that’s not why I’m moving.

Because of the insane amount of country music?
Tempting, sure. But no.

Because your favorite musicians live there?
No. Eww. That’s called “stalking” and I am completely against it in real life. And if liking someone’s music made me give up my life in Marietta, please put me in a padded room and throw away the keys.

Because you’ve always dreamed of being a musician yourself?
Nope. And we’ve already gone over this. My dream is to be a back up singer. (#9 on the random list.)

Because you hate teaching and want to get as far away from it as possible?
Actually, no. I’m really glad I’m leaving teaching when I still love it. People are always having kids and those kids always gotta get taught. So my job isn’t going anywhere.

Because you want new family and friends?
How dare you.

Because Tennessee air smells fresher that Georgia air?
It did smell lovely, I guess. But Georgia has been real good to me for 27ish years. So I have nothing unkind to say about it.

Because your husband is there?

Listen. That’s what all you jokers said about Marietta when I moved back here and we see how well THAT worked out. So no, I am not going for that. And I don’t talk about this topic in my blog, so please move on.

Ok, sorry.
Forgiven. But that’s strike 2 after the family/friends jab. Check yo’self before you wreck yo’self.

Because the Atlanta Falcons have let you down repeatedly?
Seriously. Please don’t speak of it. It hurts my soul. But no. Not enough to move. But almost.

Because God told you to?
Now we’re getting somewhere. But I talked about that yesterday.

Because you want to be a writer?
Yeah, I think that has to do with it. There are a lot of really great writing opportunities and connections in Nashville, so it is a sensible place to move to pursue this, and any other creative-like, career.

So I guess the real answer is I don’t really know why God picked Nashville.

The writing thing is the main reason I can think up. Notice the strategically placed “I”. Because in reality, I have no idea ALL or even MOST or even SOME of the reasons God is moving me. I think the bravery thing is in play, I think the sacrifice thing in in play, and the writing is hopefully in play.

But to be REALLY honest with you, I think God has WAY bigger plans that I can even come up with and in order for me to live those, I have to be there. The next step is in Nashville.

Do you have more questions? Seriously, EVERY ONE of these questions has been asked to me- some made me want to cry and some made me mad. But all are legit (sorta), which is why I repeated them to you. I have a few more to answer tomorrow, but add any in the comments that you would like to know.

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