Nanny Thursday.

It’s a good thing I spent time with God yesterday morning. Cause Nanny McAnnie got tested to the extreme.

When I arrived at the house, the kitchen was a bit of a mess. [Not a problem, part of the deal, Mom and Dad are both working their tailfeathers off.] So while I was waiting on Sister to wake up and Brother was happily watching Nick Jr., I got started cleaning up. Sister wakes up, now both are on the couch and it is literally a ticking time bomb to breakfast. Can I get the dishwasher started before someone cries for Cheerios? I’m loading as quickly as one hand can pass to the other. I showed those dishes who was boss and emerged victorious.

Dear Super WHY!, I appreciate you and your full 30 minutes of entertainment.

Breakfast comes and goes. We do the diaper dance [both are still in them] and get dressed for the day. We are walking out the door to play and Sister does this to her pants. [If you have a strong gag reflex, scroll over this quickly.]


We do the diaper dance again, twice in 5 minutes- which you know means more than just a diaper change. It means bringing everyone inside, turning the TV back on for Brother, helping him crawl on the couch, going upstairs and changing said diaper, finding new pants, and then stain spraying the pants because Eeew.

So I guess you could call it a process.

We finally get outside and I’m exhausted, wondering if it’s almost lunch [NAP!] time. It’s 10:22am. Yikes.

Brother gets leveled when the wind blows over the plastic basketball goal while Sister is happily in her walker. I’m checking on Brother when I hear her little wheels pick up speed. Ole Nanny McAnnie has to SPRINT down the driveway’s steep hill to save Sister from rolling straight into the road. Yes, it was one of my finer moments and not exactly the introduction I expected with the neighbors.

I found this to be the correct time to end outside play. Because I couldn’t breathe.

Lunchtime was upon us and the dishwasher needed to be emptied and reloaded and Sister was starving but Brother wasn’t hungry yet. And I? I still couldn’t breathe.

Lightning McQueen Spaghettios for lunch. Brother uses his fork. Sister doesn’t.


Annndd….. that got some stain spray as well.

The highlight of the day was nap time. [Duh.] Sister didn’t want to sleep [Sister needed to sleep], so I rocked with her for a minute. The snuggly warm little 18 month old body draped across my torso, our breathing in sync, her heartbeat slowing down to snoozle zone- I’m pretty sure my uterus applauded. The whole thing was that sweet.

Then, from the next room, Brother says, “Annie, are you going to be here when I wake up?”

“Yeah, dude. I will.”

“Good. I always want Annie here when I wake up.”

No amount of diapers or dishwashers or spaghettios can ruin moments like those.

I respect you Mommies. I truly don’t know how you do it day in and day out.

But I think I know why you do.

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