4th Chair

So if you follow me on twitter or on instagram, you’ve probably heard me talk about 4th chair.

Or more specifically, #4thchair.

Today, I shall explain said #4thchair.

Almost every day, at some point, Lyndsay, Nichole, and I go to a local coffee shop. It’s a favorite of ours- it is where Nashville goes to work, not talk. It is as quiet as a library most of the time. No joke.

And their soy chai lattes are to be admired and revered.

Here is where we sit. Every day.

Our friend Raleigh is sitting there right now. He’s a great writer. [Also, he is currently the #4thchair, but I’m getting ahead of myself.]

So usually, it is the three of us gals. And this one day, we decided it would be fun to use social media to try to get a fourth person to come sit with us.

Sure. It was a risk. Who knows what kind of looney birds could show up? But we went for it. We all three took a picture of the empty #4thchair at our table and offered it to anyone who wanted to come sit with us.

Then we all screamed like school girls when our buddy Wes showed up and sat in the #4thchair. Nichole high-fived him immediately.

It had worked! This silly little idea had actually brought someone to fill that empty chair.

I was hooked.

The other girls? Not as much.

But we tried it a few more times…. and it just. kept. working. To the point that when people showed up, they would ask, “So do I get to be the #4thchair?”

Why yes ma’am you do.

Of course, Mr. Buzard, you are welcome in that #4thchair.

Oh, Jordan. You are so pretty in that #4thchair.

Sometimes, I tweet out the sweet #4thchair request, and it never gets filled. Which is fine. I don’t take it personally.

[The fellas really missed out on this one because Lyndsay was willing to keep her arm there.]

So that’s how #4thchair works. I have no idea why I love it so much- maybe it is the mystery of not knowing who will show up? Maybe it’s the risk factor? Maybe it is the idea that someone out there will be looking for a place to write or read or hang and they will feel welcome at our table?

No matter, #4thchair lives on. As long as the three of us sit together, we will attempt to randomly fill the empty chair at our table.

[Moral of this story: it does not take much to entertain me.]

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