52 Hours In Nashville


So tomorrow morning, two of my best friends from across the pond land here in Nashville.

Yes. For the first time EVER, my Scotland BFFs will be seeing my Nashville life and I am so excited that I CAN BARELY STAND IT, Y’ALL.

But, I’m also mildly panicked. They will only be here 52 hours. FIFTY-TWO HOURS and I bet they are going to want to sleep some of those. Annoying.

I feel like there are so many things for them to see, so many places to eat, so much of this town I want to show them that I just can’t narrow it down. I mean, I know all my favorite spots and yes, we will absolutely be honky-tonkin’ Saturday night if anyone wants to join us. But there are so many places I am dying for them to see and I just don’t know how to pick!

Help me, Nashville residents and tourists!

If you had 52 hours to show Nashville to your friends, where would you go?

What would you eat?

What restaurant meals are must-haves to you?

What MUST my friends see and experience while in Music City?

. . . . .

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