FashionABLE’s Fall Faves! (+ A DISCOUNT CODE!)

First of all. I have a comment.

Down there in the pictures, I promise I’m not trying to make a modeling face. I was listening to my friend talking and that is my sympatheic listening face. Sure, of all the necklace centric pictures, it was the one I chose. But I just had to talk about it first since I am SURE it is the first thing my friends are going to give me a hard time about here. 🙂


Now on to the real star of the show-

fashionABLE’s new fall products!!



So I’m over at the fashionABLE blog today talking about my fall favorites- you can see them below. If we’ve been friends for any amount of time, none of my answers will surprise you. Boiled peanuts. Glitter nail polish. Etc.

And two of those fall faves are new fashionABLE products.

This Tirhas Saddlebag?!? It’s my everything. It’s a perfect size, holds all the items an Annie needs for a day but doesn’t give me space to like, lug my iPad and a book and 44 other things I would attempt to include when I carry a HUGE purse, like the Tadesse Bucket Bag (which I do not have because seriously. I carry too much stuff as it is). But this Tirhas bag is the perfect fall/winter purse.

And the Double Layer Rosary Necklace is so dainty and beautiful. And have y’all seen that you can customize your fashionABLE jewelry now? Right. So. That just wins for best Christmas gift you can give anyone.

And because the fashionABLE people LOVE my people…

Discount Code Time!

Until Friday, if you spend $40 or more anywhere on the site, you can get 20% off using the code ANNIEFAVES. Scarves. Bags. Jewelry. Wallet. Please please think Christmas gifts and birthdays and anything you want for yourself because this is such a massively generous coupon code!

So get your shopping on, folks!


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