HUSK : You need to eat here.


So as I told you last week when I listed my favorite Nashville fancy dinner places, HUSK just opened and has already leapt to the top five dinners I’ve had in this town.

Me and these two jokers, Keenan and Connor, used this dinner as an opportunity to celebrate their graduation from Vanderbilt, though we really need no good excuse to eat a meal together or try a new restaurant.


How great do they look in those jeans? I’ve worked long and hard to get the boys to wear dark wash jeans, so it feels like a real triumph to have them both in them at the same time. [Also, I said, “for your graduation dinner, please wear your dark jeans.” So, that may have played into their outfit decision.]

The three of us are foodies at heart, even if not always in budget. So when we hear of a cool restaurant to try or a new place we need to scope out, well. We do it. And HUSK, while just opening weeks ago, already had perked our ears so we made reservations the week it opened and had to wait three weeks just to get in! But boy was it worth it.

You can read all about the restaurant here, but I’ll summarize by saying they specialize in local foods cooked in creative Southern ways.

We made the decision to try a lot of things. Don’t judge us.

Here are the appetizers. From left to right:

  • Asparagus with an egg and pork broth — we all could have eaten a whole plate of this stuff. Amazing.
  • BBQ pork tails — so tender and awesome, we just had to be mature and forget the fact that it was a pig’s tail.
  • Fried chicken skins with homemade hot sauce — well, you can imagine the joy of that.


My main dish was chicken and dumplings with kale and lemon balm. Melt in your mouth for realz. Just stare at it a minute and let it get into your heart. Yes, it was as good as it looks and probably actually better.


Keenan had catfish with tomato-cornmeal gravy [have mercy, world] but we didn’t get a good picture of it before it was just a memory.

Connor took one pic of his meal, a delicious steak with cauliflower puree. I mean, how BEAUTIFUL are those plates!?!


I hope you appreciate that we are all three are photographing our meals in this particular photograph. So, like I said, foodies.

We didn’t dare pass up dessert because seriously, why would you.

Buttermilk pie. Whoa mama. For a girl who hasn’t had dairy since January, this was a good reason to ingest just a bit.


And yes, of course I made them do this for instagram and yes they still love me and are used to my sentimental ways.

Overall, you could not have found three happier humans that night. The ambience is classic and warm and trendy, the way the place is set up- lots of rooms with lots of tables spread throughout the historic home- makes for really comfy feel. And the servers, as expected in a fine dining restaurant, are really educated and knowledgable and nice.

So. Three thumbs up from us. Or six actually. Yes, six. Two thumbs up from all three of us.


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