I just simply wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving.

and instead I’m sitting on my bed bawling my little hazel eyes flat out of my head.

Here’s the train of thought that got me here.

I wanted to say thank you to my blog readers for all that this year has been – since returning home from Scotland at the end of 2011, you guys have been a huge part of 2012 being the wildest year I could have ever imagined.

And then I started thinking about my people- my Nash-family, my real family, my Cross Point college small group, my Vandy boys, my Girls of Grace pals, Zondervan, and etc etc etc.

Before I knew it, I was listing in my head and getting misty-eyed.

And THEN, for some reason, this video came back to my mind… from a few years ago when our little friend group had a yard sale for the refugee community in Nashville, but we gave everything away. No money, just people in need taking whatever they wanted.

And now I’m just a blubbering mess over here because I’m grateful beyond words for the four years I’ve lived in this town and how every person in that video still holds such a special spot in my heart and I’m stunned at all the ways God has changed and moved in my life since that day.

AND THEN, halfway through the video, a guy puts on a Vandy baseball sweatshirt and I AM UNDONE.

Those are my boys now, those Vandy baseball players, and God knew then that on that very team were some young men who would soon feel like brothers.

So I’m crying… which shocks absolutely no one.

Things are gonna be quiet around here until Friday when I share with you all my favorite Black Friday deals. I am feeling a quietness over my heart that I’m choosing to respect. But here’s what I would love for you to share with us this week….

What friends are you thankful that have stuck it out with you through the good and the bad?

What friends are you thankful for that are new in 2012? 

I’ll start in the comments.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. Praying this week is full of nearness to people that matter to you, quiet heart moments with God, and that you would be filled to overflowing with thanks.

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