Internet Nerd.

I wanted to make a joke about being “bloggy-promiscuous” here, but really. I think that’s probably inappropriate. I’m not sure of the level of inappropriate, but it is probably somewhere above my average don’t-write-that level.

“Internet nerd” is a good enough title I guess, but it lacks zing.


But here’s the thing. I’ve got some fun writing stuff going on this month all over the internet, so I wanted to make sure you knew about it.

First of all, my sweet friend [and writing mentor] Denise Hildreth asked me to guest post for her this month on her singles blog- Flying Solo. So everyday this month, I will be writing about how to find community and the importance of community when you are single.

So I think you should subscribe cause otherwise you are going to get SO sick of clicking over from my blog. 🙂 Also. I write about my friends, interview a single girl in NYC, and talk honestly about being single ALL THE LIVELONG MONTH. Get ready.

Here are the first two posts:

I’m reluctant to link to this next piece I’ve written, mainly because it is so raw and honest that I almost wish I would not have published it. If you’re a writer or a blogger, you probably know exactly what I mean. I cried like a baby when this post was complete. But I’m going to link you to it because I am so proud to be a part of SheSeeks, I want to give you the opportunity to read it.

But seriously, no pressure. 🙂

[This part is cool- it’s on as well. So. That’s kinda crazy.]

I head back to Nashville today. I have tons of bottled water and a sad heart. The river, I hear, is slowly receding. And the people are being beyond beautiful about the whole thing.

Some Nashville links:

  • Nashvillest – still the greatest place for info [scroll down a few posts and you will see an absolutely heartbreaking picture of the Opry. Sigh…]
  • Section 303: We Are Nashville – it made me cry.
  • Giving Money– if you want to help and you aren’t in Nashville, I would recommend giving through Crosspoint Church. Just make sure you mark “Flood Relief Fund.” You can trust that every bit of that money will help my neighbors.

That’s enough for you today. Thanks for your love and support to Nashville. Don’t stop.

On a lighter note, I painted my fingernails Shrek green. And I love it.


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