Isn’t She Lovely Contest!


You guys. We are so so excited about the Looking For Lovely Weekend that is coming up SOON AND VERY SOON.

A lot of y’all are already planning to come, and many people are being and coming alone. WOOT. We support that and plan to give you friends friends friends while you are here.

But also, we know that there are some really amazing women who aren’t currently planning to come but would love to attend. Maybe a friend of yours? You have lovely friends and we want you guys to join us.

Every morning when I wake up, as I’m getting ready, I play “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder on my iPhone. I love him and I LOVE THAT SONG. So when we were thinking of how to give away some tickets, I thought, “ISN’T SHE LOVELY!” and hence the name of this contest.

We want YOU to nominate a friend who you think is LOVELY and deserves a free ticket to the Looking For Lovely Weekend!!!

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Post a picture of her (or you and her!) on your instagram account.
  2. Tell us about your friend (WHY IS SHE SO LOVELY?!?)!!
  3. Tell us why she should get a free ticket!
  4. Tag me in the caption (@anniefdowns)
  5. Include the hashtag #lovelycontest

You have until midnight CT on Thursday, June 23rd to post and then Friday, we will be reading through all the stories and picking a few women to invite to the event! (We will cover the ticket cost, but not travel or hotel.)

There may even be a chance (a chance? 😉 ) that the person nominating COULD POSSIBLY get a free ticket as well. YOU NEVER KNOW WITH ME, PEOPLE.

So if you know a college girl who would love some time in Nashville…

or a mama who needs a break….

or a single woman who just needs a weekend of fun….


tell us about her!

We are looking for lovely, and we want to meet your friend!

(And. There are still a few tickets left to purchase if you want to come or know someone who wants to come. We will sell out soon, so don’t wait if you know you want to be here! AND YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO BE HERE.)

. . . . .

Let's be friends!

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