Nashville Film Festival: Take Me Home

I think you know by now that I absolutely LOVE living in Nashville. I deeply miss my friends and family in Marietta, but Nashville has gone above and beyond to make me fall in love here.

This week, the city wooed me again with the Nashville Film Festival.

In all honesty, I hadn’t really planned to go. But then we saw our friend Mike Hobert at a coffee shop and he said that produced a movie that was in the Festival. Then he asked us to come. We were all like, “uh… sure….” and when he left the coffee shop, the rest of us watched the trailer.

And then we all were like, “uh, YES. We absolutely want to see this.”

Take Me Home is a film about a woman who hires a taxi to take her from New York to California. I’m oversimplifying, but I’m kinda not.

Here are things I loved about it:

  • Written, directed, starring [and all other official things] Sam Jaeger, who we all know and love from Parenthood.
  • His wife, Amber Jaeger, plays opposite him and she is genius in this film. She’s bossy but not unlovable.
  • Call me a prude if you will, but I love films that don’t make me feel uncomfortable when I’m sitting beside a dude. And this movie (besides a few cuss words) is totally clean and appropriate. That’s impressive to me.
  • It’s a simple plot line but a deeply complex story.
  • I want to see the sequel. [There is no sequel, but I want to see it.]

After the movie, Sam, Amber, Mike, and a few other producers got up to answer questions from the crowd.

I didn’t ask any questions, but Lyndsay and Mike had a pretty hilarious exchange that for me to retell would do a disservice, but trust me that I was laughing heartily.

We even got to walk on the red carpet and take a picture in front of one of those fancy walls that say words. [I’m the biggest redneck in the world for that sentence.]

I promise there were more boys there. Adam is just the only one who had to [got to?] be in the picture with us.

He was so frustrated from being around so many pretty girls that he wanted to hitchhike home.

And Jami tried to win this car.

Neither were successful.


The whole night was an unexpected joy.

I love my city for stuff like this. I love my friends. I love making new friends. I love that Sam asked me if he could hire me to travel to every screening and laugh very vocally at the appropriate places. Because in case you didn’t know, I have a LOUD LAUGH.  [I immediately said YES to Sam’s request and then he began to backpedal…. so…. that’s sad.]

Here’s the real sad part for you: I don’t know how you can see Take Me Home. Maybe contact them and beg for a screening in your town? Maybe call Mike and ask him? [At this point, I would LOVE to publicly post his cell phone number because that is an amazing prank. But I won’t. But I want to. But I won’t.]

Summary of the movie/experience/Nashville = Two thumbs up.

Seen any good movies lately? In a theater or on Netflix? Tell me bout it!

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