To be loved.

**Before we get into the post, let me give a shout out to the Genius at the Apple Store who lovingly took my computer out of my line of vision and beat it into submission. And now her bumps are gone and she works like a charm. Albeit a two year old charm that needs a new battery, but a charm none the less. Thanks for your concerns. Apparently we all have strong emotions towards our computers. We are sick, sick puppies. Good thing we found each other.**

It’s late at night and I have a lot going through my mind. [Not the least of which is thoughts of a THROBBING CANKLE.  For the love- will this ever end?!?] It’s been raining in Nashville for twelve hours straight. There is something calming about a constant rain. And they say that we will wake up with snow? I’ll believe it when I see it, Channel 4 Weather Team.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about why I’m in Nashville.  Even though I totally love it, I still don’t know that I understand why I’m here instead of there or there or out there. I want, real bad, to be able to say

Dear World,

Here is why God moved me to Nashville.



But I don’t think it is going to work like that. Like an onion and Shrek and other things with layers, I think it will be revealed in parts.

Maybe because of Mocha Club?  Totally- I have never loved a non-profit (or the people who work for a non-profit) like this before.  Barrett, the prez of MC, and I talked last week about some non-Mocha junk in my life and that man spoke big brother TRUTH to me. And in that moment, I was sure that Annie + Mocha Club = something that’s been up God’s sleeve for a while now.

Maybe because Nashville and I were just meant to be together all along? I love live music. I love creative people. I love the size of the city. I love having my heart stomped by a well written song. I love Baja Burrito. [If you are ever in town, let me know and we will eat there. And you will love it.] I love brave people who take risks to create art. I love serious conversations over a bottle of wine that result in a chapter written or a song recorded or a photograph edited differently.  And this place overflows with that- beautiful moments turned into art.

Maybe because God loves me? A few winters ago, God and I had a theme.  A serious theme of LOVE.  Me understanding His love.  Grasping His love.  Practically drowning in the sea of His love for me.  Not for the world, not for my friends, but for ME.  Annie the Impossibly Flawed being fully known and fully loved. And maybe that’s why I’m here, too.  Because I think this move has been the greatest exclamation of His love for me.

Why do I tell you all of this?  Because you were there when I visited Nashville for the first time, you were there in when I decided to move, and you were there when I cried the whole 3.5 hour drive from Atlanta with a van full of my things.

And now you are here with me. And I want you to know something- IT HAS ALL BEEN WORTH IT.

I tell you this because you never know when God is going to call you to something crazy. He probably will.  And when He does, say yes. PLEASE. Even if you don’t know why. There may be 1000 reasons that He calls you to move, stay, stand, sit, whatever. I don’t know your story, so I don’t know all the whys. But I can promise you that one of them is this- because you need to be loved. And God is always looking for ways to love.

Dear World,

God moved me to Nashville because He loves me.

Sincerely grateful,


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