Big day, y’all. Big day.

I have been DYING to tell you this. I mean, simply dying.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 4:40pm, I signed a book contract with Zondervan.


Are. You. Dying!??! I know. I know.

In the very same coffee shop where three years ago I finished the manuscript for From Head To Foot, I signed the deal yesterday. You can watch it happen. Because, my dear bloggites, I wished you all could be there when it happened. I really do. I can’t get sappy now, I don’t have it in me, but know that I KNOW you had so much to do with this day. I humbly thank you.

Also, super big thanks to my lit agent Kyle Olund who made all this happen and happen smoothly. He’s awesome.

[The booing at the end is from my friend Amy, who works at a competing publishing house here in Nashville. So it was funny and we all laughed.]

Some of my very besties were in attendance because it would be lame to sign that thing alone.

And of course, by besties I mean Nichole, Lyndsay, and my soy chai.

All the details about the new book I shall share tomorrow.

For today, we bask in the beauty of my little name on that “author” line.

Today we celebrate a God-sized dream realized.

Today we celebrate four years of writing lots and working hard and trying and praying and now it has all come together.

I’m really really excited.

Watch out, world. Annie Blogs is comin’ for ya.

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