So last week I emailed my people at Zondervan and I was all, “You guys, we’ve got to help these Christmas gift givers who want autographed copies of Perfectly Unique for Christmas!”

And they came up with a plan. And it was a great plan.

Here’s what we are going to do.

The Zondervan elves have made these absolutely beautiful bookplates- you know, stickers that will go on the inside cover of your book.

And guess how much it costs? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Right?!?! Are you excited?!?! Me TOOOOOOOO.


Here’s what you have to do to get one:

1. Fill out this little questionnaire.

2. Mail a self-addressed stamped envelope to:


c/0 Annie Downs

PO Box 121826

Nashville, TN 37212

Pretty much, address an envelope to yourself, put a stamp on it, and then fold it into another envelope, address and stamp that outer envelope, and mail it to me. So I guess a bookplate will cost you two stamps. 🙂

3. Wait a few days and then SHAZAAM! The sticker will come in the mail, personalized by me to your gal. Stick it in your book, wrap it, and you shall be able to give your teen/college girl an autographed copy of  Perfectly Unique!


A few things:

I need to receive your envelope BEFORE DECEMBER 15th to guarantee it gets to you by Christmas.

I will let you know by email when I put the bookplate back in the mail to you! [I’ll have your email address after you fill out this form and I will be able to get in touch with you.]

I only have 100 bookplates, so please go ahead and fill out the form and mail me your envelope if you think this would make your teen girl squeal with happy on Christmas morning.

Any questions?

I hope this is a cool addition to your gift of  Perfectly Unique! The next best option would be Zondervan shipping ME around the country to sign your books and for some reason, they just don’t love that idea. Weird.

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