I believe in process.

I sat with a friend last weekend and said, “I just need to process this out loud with you.”

Nothing was wrong – things are really right between us – it is just that sometimes you need to label the process, talk about it, and appreciate it.

In the case of Perfectly Unique, that is true. I am having a great time editing the book, working with the marketing team at Zondervan, and booking speaking events for the rest of 2012 and Spring 2013.

And then my friend Stephen Brewster told me on Sunday that I should start showing you guys little clips of this process. Because I want us all to appreciate THIS as much as we appreciate holding Perfectly Unique in our paws.

So here you go. Warning: I overuse awesome. [Which my Scottish family member Harry will absolutely not appreciate.]

There are approximately 89 other videos on my youtube page [good gracious I am a ham], so feel free to peruse or subscribe so that you catch all these short little numbers as I upload them, which will be a few times a week.

So if I’ve only got one minute per day to make you a video, what other kinds of stuff do you want to see? [book related or not]

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