I don’t know what to say.

I’ve sat here with my cursor blinking for a few minutes.

You know me. I can barely keep my mouth shut if I’m awake, so to be without words is a bit of a fluke.

But I’m just stunned. Still. The next day.

Yesterday was crazy. You guys were so generous with your tweets and your blogs and your facebooking and before dinner last night, we had sold out Amazon.


No, I don’t know what number that means, I just know that the important people are happy. [That being you, me, and Zondervan. I mean, I assume you are happy… are you happy?]

And then around 11pm, this happened.

#20 of new teen books worldwide?!?! RIGHT NEXT TO JOHN GREEN WHOM I ADORE AND ESTEEM? 

NUMBER TWENTY. That is insane.

I know. I died of happy.

[Well, I fell asleep. So anyone who would have seen me could have thought I was dead of happy. But I was just snoozling.]

Besides practically being a co-worker of John Green’s, here’s what else this means: any girl who was up last night scrolling through the new teen books couldn’t get past the first page without running into Jesus.

And that made every tweet, Facebook status, and blog post totally worth it.

Thank you thank you thank you.

To God be the glory, y’all.

[PS- with Amazon sold out, let’s send people to Barnes&Nobles today. And Perfectly Unique is only $9 there and ships today! Yay!!]

[PPS- will you let your people know again today about the book? That would be really rad.]

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