Introducing Perfectly Unique.

First of all, your responses and love yesterday at this news were beyond anything I knew to emotionally prepare for. Your excitement means the world. I know so many of you, from childhood friends to faithful bloggites, have walked this road with me for YEARS. So I kinda feel like this is our win together.

So congrats to you too. And thank you times a million for your love and support. This train is just gettin’ started, y’all. Buckle up. 🙂

Now… more about this Zondervan book. [The amount of squealing I’ve done in the last few months while this has all been cooking is unmatched. And EVERY TIME I see the cover, I squeal more. Like now.]

Friends, I’d like you to meet Perfectly Unique.

Perfectly Unique, meet my people.

I know. I died. The cover is BEYOND gorgeous. I could not love it much more. One day soon I will tell you the MIRACULOUS story about the cover and the designer and it will make you go, “whoooooa, God. Nice one.”

Now, I’m going to answer as many of your questions as I can about this book, but the honest response is that I don’t know everything yet. Remember, this is my first rodeo. But I’ll tell you what I know. [And yes, I did ask Zondervan’s permission before showing you the cover. Would hate to ruin this beautiful new relationship this early.]

What is Perfectly Unique?

Perfectly Unique is an updated, re-edited, majorly improved version of From Head To Foot. So, Zondervan saw From Head To Foot and what we did with Westbow Press and said, “We like your style, sister. We like what you are working with. We can make it better.”

You know how they take a regular cruise ship and make it a Disney cruise? Yeah, like that.

Is Perfectly Unique just like From Head To Foot?


Is Perfectly Unique a brand new book?


Why is there a new title/cover?

Because it is a new publication. And From Head To Foot was a different book, a different experience, a different thing. So this gal, Perfectly Unique, deserves her own space on the book shelf.

So what? You don’t even love From Head To Foot anymore? 

I love From Head To Foot so much. So so much. It will always be my first book and it will always make me feel teary to talk about. But Perfectly Unique is that next step- that step that takes the content to a new level, gets put in bookstores and hands across the world, and sets us up for whatever God has in store next.

When will it be out?

September 2012, just in time for school to start back and all the small groups to be ready for new curriculum.

So. 6 months. Ack.

What now?

Now my awesome Zondervan editor is doing the Disney cruise changes, then she’ll send it back to me and I’ll see all the things I have to do and I’ll curl up on my sofa for a day and half and suck my thumb and worry that I’ve gotten myself in over my head.

Then I’ll get to work.

Then it will be summer and then you will be able to get to your own copy of Perfectly Unique!

Will I still be able to buy From Head To Foot?

ONLY FOR A FEW MORE WEEKS… then it disappears off Amazon to make room for Perfectly Unique. So if you want one, you better snatch that puppy up now.

Will you be touring around and signing books and all that jazz in the fall?

I hope so. I really really do. More on that soon. I have plans. Involving you. I’ll let you in on them very soon. Because, you know, it’s your life and all.

Do you like the title Perfectly Unique?

Absolutely. It fits me. It fits this book. It fits where I feel God leading my career. All of it.

I still feel like I need to pinch myself about this whole thing. The cover. The title. Zondervan. The whole kit and kaboodle has my feeling terribly humbled and undeserving and terribly excited as well.

. . . . .

Um. That’s about all I know. You are welcome to ask more questions in the comments and I will answer them in the comments.

But I seriously don’t know much else.

Love you guys. Really really. Hope you’re ready for this crazy ride. I think I am.

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