Let’s review.

First of all, I’ve gotz to tell you this.

This weekend, we were in Grand Rapids for a Girls of Grace event. I told some jokes. I figured that there is no better way to make friends than to make them laugh and when you have a few thousand teenage girls staring right at your face waiting on you to be awesome, jokes are good.

Let me tell you the process of how it went.

Annie tells joke –> a few laughs –> more laughs –> hubbub as the joke is discussed amongst themselves –> laughter again.

Pretty much, I won them over with my wild front ear.

You’d have been proud.

. . . . .

Here’s the thing about telling jokes all the live long month: we didn’t really get to talk much about life.

So this week, I’m gonna recap for you a few of the awesomes that happened in October- including the Influence Conference, the Allume Conference, and The Fall Thing.

. . . . .

Guess who is TWO MONTHS OLD today?!? Perfectly Unique!!

Here’s a few things about my favorite infant:

First of all, THANK YOU GUYS for buying it and telling your friends about it. Zondervan is really happy [and to be honest, I think they are shocked] at how quickly Perfectly Unique has spread and I keep telling them, “I TOLD YOU MY PEOPLE ARE AMAZING.”

[That’s you. My people.]

As of right this minute, we’re the #2 teen Christian book and the #6 teen spirituality book according to Amazon. And we’ve pretty much been in the top 10 on both lists consistently… which still makes me shake my head in like a, “wow, y’all. Wow, God.” kind of way.

So thanks thanks thanks.

If you’ve finished reading it, it would be RAD if you would leave a review on Amazon. It matters.

Also, if you are leading a group through Perfectly Unique, I hope you saw that there is a FREE LEADER’S GUIDE AVAILABLE.

And while we’re talking about free things, don’t forget that there is a free 30 day devotional available as well.

. . . . .

With the holidays coming up, I love sharing about companies and products that I think y’all would love. So if you are ever interested in advertising for your company or your product or your writing, check out our advertising options.

. . . .

Also, let’s review a few other things:

The University of Georgia is playing some amazing football and we beat Florida last weekend, which is just one of those statements that fills me with pride every single time I get to say it.

Also, the Falcons are 8-0 and for this lifelong raging Falcons fan, the kind that proudly wore a Deion Sanders jersey to school at least once a week in the 8th grade, it’s a pretty amazing thing. Do I still have that jersey somewhere? Not sure. But I hope so.

. . . . .

What was the highlight of your October?

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